Herbst Appliance

In the realm of orthodontics, various appliances cater to specific needs. One outstanding solution for bite correction is the Herbst appliance which we are excited to introduce VK Orthodontics.

Understanding the Herbst Appliance

The Herbst appliance is a specialized orthodontic device developed to address class II malocclusions. Unlike traditional headgears, the Herbst appliance is fixed, guiding the lower jaw forward while simultaneously moving the upper molars toward the back.

Prime Advantages of the Herbst Appliance

  • Effective Results: Delivers consistent and significant bite correction.
  • Discreet Design: More subtle and less obtrusive than traditional headgear.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Its fixed nature reduces potential discomfort and ensures constant treatment 24/7.
  • Minimized Reliance: Often reduces the need for additional treatments or extractions.

Why VK Orthodontics Stands Out for Herbst Appliance Treatment

  • Expertise on Hand: Dr. Saritha Chary-Reddy possesses extensive experience in fitting and managing the Herbst Appliance.
  • Comprehensive Care: We consider the whole oral health picture before suggesting specific treatments.
  • Cutting-edge Clinic: Our office employs the latest in orthodontic innovations for unparalleled precision.

Discover Modern Solutions for Bite Correction Today!

Should you be grappling with bite concerns and are in search of a contemporary, effective remedy, the Herbst appliance in San Antonio, Texas, is your answer. Reach out to us at 210-496-6262 to arrange a consultation with our orthodontist and explore the benefits of this orthodontic solution.