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Happy Holidays

December 4th, 2015

Happy Holidays

The beginning of a new year is a time to not only reflect on the year that was, but also to set personal goals for the upcoming year. Most of us make New Year’s resolutions. Are you planning on making resolutions for the coming year? How are you planning to improve your health and happiness in 2016?

Our team at VK Orthodontics recommends that you make New Year’s resolutions to benefit your oral health! It is important that New Year’s resolutions are reasonable and attainable, and that they improve your overall quality of life. For example, did you know that flossing every day is the very best way to prevent periodontal disease or gum disease? Using a straw when drinking sugary beverages can also help prevent cavities. Did you know that straight teeth improve the health of gums? Did you know that early orthodontic treatment prevent unnecessary surgeries and other complex procedures? There are many small steps that you can take to prevent cavities, oral infections and bad breath. Be sure to give us a call if you need a few suggestions on ways to improve your oral health. Your oral health is more than just a beautiful smile.

We thank all our patients and families for a wonderful 2015. We wish you all a safe and happy holiday season! Your friends at VK Orthodontics.

Ten things you may not know about VK Orthodontics

November 4th, 2015

Ten things you may not know about VK Orthodontics

1. Our youngest patient in orthodontic treatment is 7 years old and the oldest patient is 78 years old. Age is not a contraindication for orthodontic treatment.

2. We have highly experienced staff with collective experience of more than 100+ years.

3. Our motto is: Creating smiles, one patient at a time, through innovation, passion and excellence. We strive very hard to live up to the expectations of our patients.

4. New patient consults; retainer check appointments and recall appointments are complimentary.

5. Our newly built facility is a modern standalone building with plenty of parking and conveniently located close to highway 281.

6. We offer complimentary Gourmet Coffee brewed daily with gourmet cookies, juice and water.

7. Each patient enjoys comfortable treatment areas with direct television and family seating.

8. Dr. Chary-Reddy analyzes all cases and is actively involved with the treatment plan on every patient throughout their treatment.

9. All patients in Orthodontic treatment with VK Orthodontics are recommended to have cleanings done with their dentists every 3-4 months during their treatment. In some patients every 2 months could be recommended.

10. Dr. Chary-Reddy is a Board certified Orthodontist. This requires hundreds of additional hours of preparation to test judgment, skill and knowledge to demonstrate the highest quality of work. Only 1 in 3 orthodontists are board certified.

Happy Orthodontic Month

October 15th, 2015

Happy Orthodontic Month from VK Orthodontics!  Do you refrain from smiling because you are not 100% confident in your smile?  Consultations with Dr. Saritha Chary-Reddy are always complimentary (210) 496-6262 contact our office to schedule your appointment today.

The history of orthodontics dates back to early times when discovering mummies in tombs. There was evidence of  teeth aligned with materials created from various animals’ skin, intestine, and  bone.

Today’s technology is far advanced beyond animal intestines and bone, the unique wires and brackets give comfort and flexibility for whatever lifestyle you may have.  Dr. Saritha Chary-Reddy offers clear Radiance braces, traditional metal braces, and Invisalign to name a few options for you to choose from.  The end result is a beautiful smile that you are proud to show off.

Call our office today for a complimentary consultation (210) 496-6262.

What's Next?

September 22nd, 2015

What’s next?

I have completed my consultation and my family has decided that we are choosing Dr. Saritha Chary-Reddy as our orthodontists, what’s next?  To begin our office will schedule a series of appointments the first for your separators, your expander or other orthodontic appliance to begin your orthodontic treatment journey.

Once that process is complete then the brackets and wires are placed.  Remember we do not administer shots into your gums for any reason here at VK Orthodontics.  There will be discomfort later in the day or evening, this is associated with the movement of the teeth with over the counter medication this can be eased.

Following all the rules the assistant and Dr. Reddy are providing you assist in the process of your orthodontic treatment and success in a timely manner.  Remember staying away from the sticky, hard and “not permitted” foods is a must otherwise broken wires and brackets will prolong the treatment.  The rules of elastics, are you wearing them?  Lastly, brushing and flossing after meals in conjunction with seeing your regular dentist for cleanings every 3 – 4 months helps ensure healthy teeth and gums throughout your orthodontic journey.

If you have any questions or would like set up a complimentary consultation appointment with Dr. Saritha Chary-Reddy call our office today.  (210) 496-6262.

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