Should I wait for my child to lose all the baby teeth?

This question is frequently asked from parents. The answer is a resounding NO.
We typically see patients as young as age 7. At this young age we analyze the facial growth specifically the growth of jaw bones. For example, is the lower jaw bone keeping up with the upper jaw bone in terms of growth? Sometimes, one jaw bone will grow faster than the other and early detection and treatment of this situation will lead to a better result than if treated later when all the adult teeth have grown in.
Typical orthodontic problems treated early include crowding, cross bites or narrow palates, open bites, and under bites. By correcting the problem at a growing age, we can prevent a patient from invasive jaw surgeries and extractions of teeth.
In some instances we see that the jawbones are growing in harmony, and the child is placed on a complimentary six month recall schedule until the appropriate time. This will give you peace of mind that you won’t miss that optimal window for fixing your bite.
In other words, early treatment allows for the correct amount of space in the mouth for the incoming adult teeth so that when they do come in, they have room to be in the proper position. This makes orthodontic treatment simpler and less complicated process since the upper and lower jawbones are correctly aligned.
There is no harm in seeing an orthodontist too early but there is a lot of harm in seeing one too late.
Do not wait until all your baby teeth have fallen out because you may have missed a very valuable window period of growth.

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